Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tim O'Connor, Untitled

My apologies for the poor quality of today's image, but I took it myself at an art show I went to tonight.  The show was by my friend Tim O'Connor, a 25-year-old working artist on Long Island, a native of Port Jefferson.  In addition to painting, Tim does drawing and conceptual/installation art.  I love Tim's painting and this piece is very intriguing.  Tim told me that the painting is about the inner child.  The dragon is a protective force, coiled around the vulnerable parts of ourselves.  Tim uses variegated color to create contrasts, rather than utilizing shading, and I think this technique creates very striking effects.  In this painting, the warm blue of the dragon's scales contrasts with the red and yellow that surround it and create a surprising sense of unity in the piece.  Some common themes in Tim's work are explorations of the mystical parts of ourselves, and the enduring role nature plays in our psyches and the importance of that connection.  Both of these themes are present in this painting, which has representations of plants and feathers, as well as the manifestation of a mystical protective force.  Along the bottom left of the canvas, another dragon appears in outline with the word freedom on its back, a drive that our inner child yearns for and our inner dragon can help us achieve.

Here are two more of Tim's pieces:

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